Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Alan in Wonderland

Having been hijacked on Monday night and whipped up into a social media frenzy we thought we would treat you all to what the kitchen does creatively!

And what is more creative than a Mad Hatter's Tea Party

A menu full of unexpected surprises like our bacon jam and montgomery cheddar jammy dodgers and create's now infamous edible frogs filled with passion fruit frogspawn were all joined alongside  "drink me" little bottles of mock turtle soup and Mad Hatter sandwich cylinders of mustard bread with ham and piccalilli butter, earl grey tea smoked salmon with thyme creme fraiche and beetroot bread with sweet pickled cucumber and curd cheese.

Sadly for the sales team who love a chocolate frog possibly more than they love cupcake Friday's, everything was devoured bar the crusts from the bread, no wonder they all have such straight hair, clearly no one told them crusts make your hair curl!

P.s. 'Alan' is our Executive Head Chef and you can follow him on twitter @AlanCreatefood to see what he gets up to. 

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