Monday, 19 November 2012

Something Sweet to Finish #StrictlySW7

One hundred diners have already enjoyed a taste of create’s winter menus at this evening’s StrictlySW7 event. Under the spellbinding dome of the V&A Museum guests have been served a mouth-watering array of starters, delicious main courses and fabulous wines, but one final task remains... desserts! 

Tonight’s sumptuous selection of desserts is guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning of diners, offering a range of sweet options to tempt our third group of guests. 

For our grand finale we are serving a selection of miniature create dessert plates and eclectic glasses. So without further ado, let us present the dessert menu: 

mini spotted dick
with sticky marmalade sauce and cinnamon ice cream

sticky toffee pudding
salted toffee sauce, vanilla custard and crushed pink pralines

twice baked cherry and chocolate soufflé
with cherry brandy cream, sweet pickled cherries and cherry popping candy

apple and blackberry queen of puddings
sweet toasted breadcrumbs topped with apple and blackberry compote and glazed meringue

lemon sherbet syllabub
layers of lemon syllabub and lemon curd with popping candy

blackberries and white chocolate
white chocolate ganache topped with cassis soaked blackberries

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