Wednesday, 5 December 2012

12 days of create christmas, the edible advent calender

From the 1st week of December the create kitchen will be sharing with you their secret recipes for how to cook, what we think, are the most important 12 elements to make up the best Christmas lunch. From curing your own salmon to sourcing the best blankets for your pigs, we think we have it sussed, and as a thank you to everyone who has been supporting, contributing and providing us here at create with blog-able stories we have decided to share our secrets of Christmas with you.

On the first day of create christmas......

Alan cured for me, sides of scottish salmon


1 side of fresh Scottish salmon pin boned and trimmed from James Knight of Mayfair, supplier to The Queen and create
5 raw beetroot, chopped into cubes
A large thumb sized  root of fresh horseradish (depends on the size of your thumb of course)
500g rock salt
250g refined caster sugar
2 bunches of fresh tarragon

1) Lay your side of salmon skin side down in a large dish (be aware don't use your favourite dish as the beetroot will more than likely stain in).
2) In your food processor, blend the beetroot, horseradish, sea salt, sugar and tarragon into a smooth paste.
3) Evenly pour the purée over the salmon, cling film and place in the fridge.
4) After a night of curing in the fridge turn the salmon over and leave for a further 24 hours.
5) At this stage the salmon should have taken on a beautiful deep purple colour and it is ready to eat, just wash off the cure and pat dry with a clean cloth.

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