Thursday, 13 December 2012

on the 4th day of create christmas

The create kitchen roasted  for me,
crispy goose fat roast potatoes.....

No Christmas lunch is complete without roast potatoes, there are a million and one different schools of thought for how to achieve the ultimate crispy outside and fluffy inside.

I have been doing some very difficult research into the ultimate roast potato and made some interesting discoveries.

Desiree potatoes they have been scientifically proven to be the best roaster (by scientific I mean my tested by my tummy)

Don't discard the peelings, wash them thoroughly and wrap them in muslin and add this to your pan of boiling water, it will give your potatoes a much fuller flavour.

Don't discard the water which you boil the potatoes in either, use it as a stock when it comes to making your gravy, all the starch will act as a natural thickener.

The larger surface area, edges and corners you have on your potatoes the crispier they will go.

Par boil potatoes for around 4 minutes, drain & shake in the collander to rough up the edges and if you are feeling particularly cheffy you could use a fork to fluff up the edges.

Make sure your goose fat is really hot; the potatoes should sizzle when you throw them in.

Season and pop into the oven until golden, crispy & delicious.

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