Tuesday, 18 December 2012

on the 8th day of create christmas

the kitchen sauteed for me... brussel sprouts with chestnuts and bacon
Sprouts get a lot of bad press and we are not sure why, we love sprouts at create, possibly because we don't believe in crossing their sprout bottoms. Whoever the clever chap was who decided to sauteed them with bacon and chestnuts in lots of butter, was, in my opinion a bit of genius, who doesn't like bacon and butter?

6 thick rashers of English pancetta from the Wild Pig Charcuterie, Worcs
2kg of brussel sprouts
1kg of fresh chestnuts (you can buy these pre roasted and vac packed or alternatively roast them your selves)
150g unsalted butter
1 nutmeg

1) cut your pancetta into little pieces and in a hot pan saute until crispy and golden
2) meanwhile boil a large pan of salted water and cook your sprouts for 5-7 mins, the common mistake is to over cook sprouts so keep an eye of them, they want to have a little bit of bite.
3) once cooked drain the sprouts and put them in a bowl of ice water, this will stop them cooking.
4) roughly chop your chestnuts and add these to the pan of bacon and toss around, add you butter to the pan, once melted grate in a few good grates of fresh nutmeg
5) remove your sprouts from the iced water and pat dry add these to the pan of bacon and chestnuts and toss around over a medium heat until all the sprouts are coated and hot.

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