Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Damsons and Damsels

The Great British Damson is beautifully ripe by mid September, so we took the opportunity to make some deliciously fruity damson gin. Here is how we did it...

step 1
Take a trolley full of gin, an orchards worth of British damsons, a sackful of caster sugar and two gainful create employees (who by the end of the process will not like gin as much as they used to!) and several very large containers...
step 2
Pour approximately 1/3 of a containers worth of damsons, another 1/3 of sugar and a 1/3 of gin into your chosen vessel.
step 3
Mix with all your might; crushing, squishing and bruising the damsons as much as you can. Seal with an air-tight lid.
Stir every three days to release the rich juices from the fruit and coax the sugar to completely dissolve.

To be continued...

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