Thursday, 11 October 2012

Look what we found……

We always get excited when we find a new supplier whether it be for canapé kit, tableware or food.

Here are a few of our kitchen and design team favourites which are exploring the create 2012 trend of “literal British food”.

My new best friends


Specialists in the most delicious selection of British chorizo’s, parma hams and even air dried alpaca sourced from all over the UK, go and visit their stall at Borough Market. The spicy beer sticks are well worth the queue.

air dried mutton
from dorset with red cabbage remoulade, pear puree and redcurrants

Hopefully some new friends


Personalised cress creators. for anyone that knows create we have a love of all things cress and baby leaf related and this company funnily enough based in norfolk can grow your own bespoke mixes of cress.

rainbow trout rillete
with baby beetroot, micro sorrel, red mustard cress,  black pepper toasts and herb emulsion


The only producers of tea grown in deepest rural Cornwall ………winner.
Who needs friends when you have these?

Just when we thought we had seen it all the brilliant ASA have come up with these...
Yes they are exactly what you think they are…… glow in the dark pepper grinders.

Might not have any friends left, I spend so much time on these websites…..

 Once translated into English this website has become our go too page to cure our obsessions for all things that verge on the impossible, candyfloss pasties being one of them and anything miniature and made out of plastic, we love that it is almost unbreakable, even the most heavy handed chef can’t break it.

Beautiful ingredients especially the Himalayan salt plates

Full of some very cool kit, currently obsessing over mini sardine tins, mini pint glasses for our “pint of prawns canapé”  and plastic egg shells for our “ham and brioche soldiers with hollandaise dip”

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